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Stars and Rabbit - Glass Heart String Choir - Magnus - Close Lobsters

Stars and Rabbit have just released their new album 'Rainbow Isle' which is available in full below. My personal favorite is 'Naked King' however there are plenty of other impressive songs from this duo who switch genres and moods with apparent ease. === We featured 'Stars' back in January and now  Glass Heart String Choir have released companion single 'It's Never Enough' which is another sumptuous and beautiful song from this creative pair. === From Sydney, Australia we have Magnus and the powerful rocker 'Forever and Never' that overwhelms and pleases with potent musical hooks. === Formed in the mid 1980's Close Lobsters are still creating exceptional new songs as the moody and dramatic rocker 'Godless' clearly demonstrates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stars and Rabbit - Rainbow Isle (Album). Hailing from the Indonesian island of Java, Stars and Rabbit de

Saturday Specials: Feral Love - Mercury Girls - Close Lobsters

Feral Love - Like The Wind. Background words - Feral Love formed when Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford emerged from the ashes of Bird, a band who were on the cusp of success having played BBC Radio 6 Music's festival alongside Damon Albarn and Haim, were championed extensively by the UK music press and had their music featured on TV's Sky Sports, The Killing and The Messengers. When Bird suddenly disappeared, Emmas and Sanford spent a year in a damp, windowless basement studio writing, emerging only when they knew they'd arrived at the sound they'd been striving for. Recorded at Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor (Hooton Tennis Club, Bill Ryder-Jones), 'Like the Wind' is Feral Love's debut single and is released on Edge Hill University's The Label Recordings. Live Dates: 1st May - FESTEVOL, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool (W Steve Mason and Juliette and The Licks) 5th May - The Bedroom Bar, London 18th May - Heavenly Social, London 29th May