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Sittin' Pretty - The Loft Club feat. Lisa Loeb - Michael Jablonka - Peter Matthew Bauer - Sarah Hiltz

Sittin' Pretty - Then You Break. Background - The North West’s very own Sittin Pretty come confidently striding out on to the streets to deliver you their thumping slab of defiance ‘ Then You Break’, the new single to be released on Gas Music 24th November.  This band capture a sound, an attitude, that can only be delivered by an authentic group of musicians embracing their youth and love of life in this modern age of rock, blending classic rock, blues and touches of psychedelia. Front man Conor Wilde explains ‘When Lewis and I first started playing together it was in a bedroom smaller than the average boiler closet in Lewis’s Mother’s 2 up 2 down in Breightmet. I was a pretty angry kid who’d always used lyrics and songs to express myself, and Lewis played some pretty heavy riffs so it immediately worked very well, we didn’t give a fuck about where it was going. It was just for us and just for the absolute love of playing.’ The band is working now on their debut album du