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Starveya - Billie Jo - Mags On Earth - This Frontier Needs Heroes - Carmanah

Starveya are a Los Angeles-based psychedelic indie rock band who have just released 'Let You In' and it's a well cultivated, melodic and soothing piece. ==== Billie Jo has a new single entitled 'Simpler Way Of Life' where crafted country music is well matched with Billie Jo's passionately delivered vocals. ==== Mags On Earth appeared here a couple of times last year and makes a welcome return with 'The Good Man In Town' which is another "inventive and alluring song" to quote our previous description. ==== This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of Brad Lauretti and 'Go With The Flow' is the title track for his fifth album and it's something of a genre defying but nonetheless hook filled song that could loosely fall under the Americana umbrella.  ==== As stated before we don't often feature cover versions however Carmanah have just released their take on the classic 'Bang Bang' and as they have already impressed us a

Melic Moon - Mt Doubt - Anya Hinkle - Carmanah - Alex Little and Suspicious Minds

Melic Moon released their album 'Natural Thing' a little while back however it's to good to ignore, as the featured title track I feel confirms. The bands multi genre music is both stylish and in a word - wonderful. === Mt Doubt have just released 'Dark Slopes Away' one of eleven songs on their upcoming album 'Doubtlands' and a fine indicator of what to expect with their creative and darker shade of indie rock. === Anya Hinkle shares her beautiful new Americana track 'Hills of Swannanoa' where Bluegrass and folk come together in a gorgeous way. === As it's our fourth feature for Carmanah this year I reckon that speaks volumes in itself, so check out 'Mountain Woman'. === Alex Little and Suspicious Minds brand of Garage Pop & Rock is on top form with the rather frisky and addictive 'Broken Bones'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melic Moon - Natural Thing.

Aaron Burdett - Ceder - Rex - Carmanah - The Highway Women

Aaron Burdett latest single 'Dirt Poor' has now had a video added, the song itself is a refined mixture of Americana and folk, the imagery adding even more to the story line. === Ceder has shared a new and dreamy song 'Closer' her indie pop sensibilities are superb as is the production on this track. === Rex have now released their self titles E.P 'Rex' comprising of five tracks, we have already shared a couple of them, the full collection living up to all the high expectations. === We have already featured two songs by Carmanah this year and now we have 'Stand Up' taken from their forthcoming album 'Iris', the melodic and beautiful vibes are once again present and wonderful. === The Highway Women have a brand new video for 'Shake The Dust' which came out a week or so back, the bands vocal harmonies and mixed vocals are simply stunning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aar

Carmanah - Eleri Angharad - Reliant Tom - NIIKA

Carmanah new song 'Best Interests' is a soulful and expansive rocker that slowly lets it's musical hooks dig in deep. === From Swansea, Wales Eleri Angharad has shared 'Blank Walls' where her beautiful vocals are notable on this singer-songwriter piece. === Our second feature this year for Reliant Tom comes in the form of 'The Sky Is Falling' which has some post rock vibes as it builds in intensity and refinement. === from NIIKA we have her brand new song 'The Cage' along with a very fine animated video, the track itself is centered around some mesmerizing vocals and a sophisticated musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Carmanah - Best Interests. Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found within the sound of Carmanah. From muddy blues-funk to light soaring melodies, Carmanah creates music that curves and tumbles throu

The Goldhearts - Hannah Scott - Same - Carmanah

The Goldhearts have released their new E.P 'Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold' comprising of five tracks from which we have a video for 'Road To Roam' a song that gives a good feel for the collection of their timeless melodic indie rock. === Hannah Scott shares 'Shape' the London based songwriter is vocally powerful and passionate in what is a notable and stirring song. === From Pittsburgh we have Same with 'Bluish' a laid back indie rock song that subtly embeds some engaging musical hooks along the way. === Gentle and melodic folk accompanied by a well matched video ensures Carmanah and 'As I See You' quickly becomes a gorgeous, play me again sort of song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Goldhearts - Road To Roam. Waking from a three-year hibernation, The Goldhearts picked up where their debut album left off with the electrifying Be Brave and hook-laden Stars. Now proud to announ