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Artificial Pleasure - Chris Pellnat - Haneke Twins

Artificial Pleasure return to Beehive Candy with 'Lose Myself Again' (we featured 'Side By Side Together' last September). The new track mixes synth pop with deeper rhythmic vibes along with some notable, indeed splendid vocals. === Chris Pellnat has a new album entitled 'Rain'. Chris has appeared here as a solo artist, band member and also with Erin Pellnat, the one consistent in all guises is the quality of the music. New album 'Rain' takes us on a creative and variety packed journey, we have a video for the title track along with the full album below, enjoy! this is another really good collection. === We have enjoyed many artists down the years who have a day job along with their musical activities, however introducing a couple of CERN scientists takes us into new territory. Despite that Haneke Twins get our attention because of the music and 'River' is a fabulous post punk piece with that extra something that seals the deal. -------------

Joy Autumn - Cedric Warner Sparkman - Christopher Pellnat

Joy Autumn - Go. Background - Go is singer-songwriter Joy Autumn at her most vulnerable. The sparse nature of the song allows room for its listener to breathe into Autumn’s pain, intimately feeling her internal struggle between loving someone so deeply and yet desperately needing to tell them to go. With lush strings and cinematic harmonies, Joy’s raw and breathtaking vocals float from first verse until final second. Go transports any listener back to that heartbreakingly necessary moment of convincing yourself that you can and will leave. The song is a part of Joy Autumn’s upcoming EP, Midnight, an atmospheric indie-pop record about the dark side of making it as an artist in Hollywood. “The hardest thing you can possibly do is walk away from someone that you viscerally love and feel is a part of you. In that moment,  I realized that I had to pick my own well-being, even though the distorted reality is that I perhaps loved this person even more than I did myself.” WEBSITE . Lush

Mayflower Madame - Terra Pines - Parker - Christopher Pellnat & Erin Pellnat - Rose Coyote - Jackson James Smith

Mayflower Madame - Premonition. Background - Norway’s Mayflower Madame have shared a new video for their single, "Premonition." This is the title track off the band's upcoming EP, Premonition, dropping on May 18th. The band's 'Premonition' EP will be released digitally and on CD via their own label Night Cult Records as well as on cassette via SpiderChild Records (U.S.) and Black Verb (Germany). Mayflower Madame was formed in Oslo in 2010. They started rehearsing in a desolate industrial building where they had to share the space with a carwash company. Amidst the gritty surroundings, their hazy, smoke-laden sound seemed to be conceived naturally and the band soon recorded a four-track demo. Just months later, they won the award "Unsigned Band of the Week" on one of Norway’s biggest radio channels. After nearly five years of playing a bunch of live shows across Scandinavia and carefully crafting their sound along the way, Mayflower Madame's

I Hate You Just Kidding - Christopher Pellnat - Janileigh Cohen - Line & Circle - Vern Matz

I Hate You Just Kidding - Smokestacks. Background - Jeremy and Jessi Brock are the husband & wife songwriting duo known as I Hate You Just Kidding. They started making music together shortly after meeting and formally formed the project in 2009. Their music has been featured in film/television and commercials, and they have gone on several national tours, leaving two EPs and one full-length album in their wake. Upon releasing their debut "Days Grow Longer" in 2011, I Hate You Just Kidding began writing a follow up. However, the touring life sometimes takes a few detours. After a 5 year hiatus, the sophomore album “Constellations” will be released on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2018. WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . Live: Nov 15th 2017 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA. 'Smokestacks' is a tuneful catchy indie song. It's starts out as uncomplicated pop that occasionally builds into a more of a rock track, either way it addictive & gorgeous. --------------------