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The Dockers - John Tiller - KEYS

From Sydney, Australia we have The Dockers with their new song 'Fake It', described as "cheeky and cheerful" it's also bright and rather catchy. === With earnest and gritty vocals  John Tiller delivers 'Battle Ready' with plenty of passion, his folk, Americana or whatever other tag might describe best, is beautifully produced. === Back in April we shared 'Black and White' from KEYS who return this week with 'Bad Penny' just ahead of a new album release. This time we have a gentler, psychedelic and dreamy piece with gorgeous vibes throughout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Dockers - Fake It. Party-starting rogues, The Dockers are excited to release their follow up single Fake It. A single for care-free wiggling and late night grinning. Cheeky and cheerful, Fake It implores you to let go and just dance, the loose flow and jaunty rhythms are a wink and a nod to the gleef