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The Jayhawks - The Commander In Chief - Lara Taubman - Ci Gofod - KEYS

The Jayhawks have released their album XOXO today and taken from it we have the new single 'Bitter Pill' with the bands thirty year track record of creating great music remaining easily intact. === We featured The Commander In Chief in May with two songs 'Non Si Sa Mai' and 'The Manager' both taken from her brand new album 'Berit Vol.2' which is released this week, she also shared 'The Lockdown' recently which is another example of The Commanders exceptional talent. === From New York we have a new album 'Revelation' by Outlaw Folk Americana Musician Lara Taubman it's streaming in full below and put simply it's a gorgeous collection of wonderful songs. === Ci Gofod shared 'TV Screens' today and it's accompanied with a fine video that does justice to this very catchy song. === We featured KEYS twice last year and now have their new single 'This Side Of Luv' to enjoy, described by the band as an "attemp

SuperGlu - Gizmo Varillas - The Commander In Chief - DAYLA - Ebony Buckle

SuperGlu are a punk pop band and their recent song 'Soil' is now accompanied by a video for what is a powerful and hook filled track. === Our second feature for Gizmo Varillas this year is for 'Born Again' where the beats and bright vocals really please. === We have a couple of recent songs and videos from The Commander In Chief namely 'Non Si Sa Mai' and 'The Manager' and where do I begin, let's just say highly talented and creative for starters. === DAYLA has released 'Lighthouse' a modern and very individual pop song where the refined vocals are notable. === Singer songwriter Ebony Buckle shares her beautiful new song 'Ghost' which mixes a little folk styling with some wonderful pop sensibilities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SuperGlu - Soil. Manningtree punk-pop fourpiece SuperGlu have shared the video for their recent single Soil, which is out now alongsid