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Bessie Turner - Parabola West - Georgie and the Georgettes

Bessie Turner - Nino. Tackling universal themes with a personal focus, Bessie’s song-writing falls one or two cryptic references short of laying herself totally bare. This mix of openness and obliqueness, alongside a lighter-hearted edge, makes for the beginnings of a captivating collection of releases so far. Her languid garage-rock indebted sound positions her alongside transatlantic artists like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail or Angel Olsen, with nods to Brooke Bentham and Fenne Lily also. Continuing this trend is new single Nino, which was produced by Richard Woodcraft, who won a Grammy for his work on Radiohead’s iconic album In Rainbows. It’s an exploration of anxiety, and the value of having people around you to lean on, to push and pull at the right moments. “'Nino' is something my boyfriend calls me when I say I can't do something,” Bessie explains, “like if I am feeling unconfident about a performance, or something else that I totally have the ability to do, but I fe