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Eli Lev - The Lost Brothers - The Mayhem Lecture Series - Scot Sax - LA River Bend - Two Sets of Eyes

Eli Lev  - Go Down. Background - It's been said that music is a universal language. Nobody understands that more than Washington D.C.-based artist Eli Lev, who crafts potent soundscapes from decades of traveling the world. "When I've been on the road and can't speak the language, I've always been able to play a song and suddenly everyone's singing and dancing.  There's a connection there, and, in that instant, there is a community," he marvels. Lev's new single "Go Down," off his forthcoming album All Roads East, is inspired by a series of baptisms that he witnessed on the Jordan River.  Eli has built a robust profile through wowing audiences whenever he picks up a guitar. Select highlights from his national and international performances include appearing at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada; Music on the Mall Festival in Washington DC; Kennedy Center Millennium Stage for the METRO Performs Series; and playing at the US Capito