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Spunsugar - Running Red Lights - Yard Arms - Eliot Bronson

Spunsugar share 'Happier Happyless' where the genre spanning band mix rich synth sounds with dream pop vocals and some natural rock. === Today Running Red Lights have released the new single 'Hollow' the band taking us in a different direction that they describe as 80's mock Gothic power pop, could not put it better myself! === Yard Arms are back with 'These Four Walls' and the Bristol based duo are on splendid form with this hook filled pop/rock song. === We were impressed by Eliot Bronson not that many weeks back and now he has released 'Empty Spaces' which is another refined singer songwriter track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spunsugar - Happier Happyless. Following on from the release of their breakthrough debut EP ‘Mouth Full Of You’ last year, a collection that cemented them as one of the finest emerging shoegaze outfits of the moment as well as garnering support from S

Eliot Bronson (feat Lori McKenna) - Hazel English - Sophia Boro - Ed Rome - TTRRUUCES

Eliot Bronson shares 'Even This Is Going To Pass' featuring Lori McKenna and it's a gentle beautiful ballad with exquisite harmonies. === We have two tracks from Hazel English debut album the title track 'Wake Up' plus 'Born Like' both giving a good feel for this superb pop and rock collection. === Sophia Boro has released 'Nobody Knows' ahead of her debut E.P, the song is both creative and striking, this is promising. === Reggae fans are in for a treat with Ed Rome new Feel No Pain E.P, where he mixes Ska, roots reggae and dub. === TTRRUUCES have just shared 'Evil Elephant' along with a video and this is one fabulous song. Whether you agree with the sentiments or not this is a wonderful track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Eliot Bronson - Even This Is Going To Pass (feat. Lori McKenna). Eliot Bronson whose talents with "bluesy harmonies and a dark sense of humor c