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Shelley Segal - VHS Collection - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Shelley Segal - Somebody Like You. Background - LA-based, Australian songwriter Shelley Segal has announced her latest single Somebody Like You, a rock-infused, in-your-face song about a relationship interrupted. Somebody Like You is a heavy track, and not just in sound; it details the trauma of being told by family that your relationship must end for the sake of religion – in short, it’s the perfect song to release in the midst of the polarising and supremely topical same sex marriage debate. Electric guitars wail and drums propel the song forward with a strength that Shelley has harnessed herself, as the chorus soars to the heights of her vocal range.  Somebody Like You soundtracks a confusing, difficult time in Shelley’s life, as she explains, “When I was 18 years old my family told me I needed to break up with my partner because he wasn't Jewish - in line with our religious traditions. I chose to fight for the relationship with my then-partner, leaving home