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Kings Elliot - Syd Carter West - Buster Baer - Jackson Dyer

Kings Elliot - Call Me A Dreamer. Rising London-based artist Kings Elliot unveils a new single “Call Me a Dreamer.” An advocate for mental health, who has long struggled with her own, she explains, “after two months of thinking that I was better and that I didn’t need any support with my mental health. I ended up feeling worse than ever. Writing it helped me process my emotional instability. The roller coaster I am constantly on that I don’t know how to get off.” The track is from her forthcoming EP, Chaos in my Court, set for release December 1 via Verve Forecast. “Chaos has been ever present in my life. I’ve never known how to function differently,” Elliot explains. “The songs on this EP make up a world I’ve always dreamed of creating for my own escape, and now anyone who needs it can join me there too.” London-via-Switzerland singer-songwriter Kings Elliot has accumulated millions of global streams around her first three songs—“I’m Getting Tired Of Me,” “Dancing Alone” and “Bitter

ALA.NI Ft. Iggy Pop - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Jackson Dyer

ALA.NI - Le Diplomate FT. IGGY POP. Today, the UK-born, Paris-based artist ALA.NI released her video for “Le Diplomate,” featuring guest vocals from Iggy Pop. The video stars an unrecognizable ALA.NI in special-effects makeup and prosthetics as “Le Diplomate” On her decision to portray “Le Diplomate” in whiteface, and her reason for the two year delay in releasing the video, ALA.NI says in a statement: So much has changed in the world. The covid pandemic and all of its challenges, being a main global issue to currently tackle. Also the acknowledgement and conscious movement that Black Lives should Matter. A statement that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why must I even need to ask for this in our so-called equal and free modern society? Asking to be counted, when we still pay our taxes. Very saddening. We must fight for this change. TOGETHER. My heart has been deeply hurting along with the rest of the black communities all over the world. On top of all of that, the entire human race h

SUEP - Nisa - Jackson Dyer

SUEP - Domesticated Dream. The stubbornly high spirited SUEP create oddball music with a touch of theatrical storytelling. Led by SuepLord (Porridge Radio, Garden Centre, The GN Band) and Brain Wastefield (UK top model), SUEP is borne out of a near-decade of wearing silly clothes and deconstructing pop together. After relocating from Brighton to London, the pair added GN (The GN Band, Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs), Freakin' Deacon (PC World, Garden Centre), and T-Mr.9 (Head of Pastoral Care) to the line-up. They take turns writing songs and taking lead vocal duties but manage to create a coherent world of playful collaboration. Their songs take the listener through haunted castles, deprived encounters, days lost to the imagination in bed, and through the integral friendships that give SUEP the energy to keep dancing to their own beat. SUEP’s infectious debut single Domesticated Dream combines a classic 70s Yamaha disco beat, deep bass, nostalgic drum machine sounds, a whole lot of co

Quality Not Quantity: The Culture In Memoriam - Jackson Dyer

The Culture In Memoriam - The Little One (Marches On). Background promo - The Little One (Marches On) is a song about the dreams you left behind. The dreams that gave you comfort and tucked you in at night when life showed itself from its ugly adult side. The dream of a better world and the dream of a worthy future. The dreams carried you and stood by your side during all those years growing up. But somewhere, in the middle of it all, you ran away from yourself. And you ran too fast. Never gave the dream, or the child in you, the chance they deserve. Years later, that little child pounds at you from the inside of your chest and bites your guts all these mornings when you’re going to that same workplace and to that same asshole that calls himself your boss. Listen up. Come back. The little one is still here. The little one misses you. The little one will continue to harass you from inside until you’re back. The little one marches on and shouts: be realistic and demand the impossible.

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March and Beauty - Stay. Background promo - Austin's March and Beauty are thrilled to share their music video for "Stay" off their recently released Summer Said EP. March and Beauty is an indie rock foursome based in Austin made up of Terri Dittmar (vocals/bass), Tim Dittmar (drums), Sean Mullens (guitar), and Paul Stautinger (guitar). They independently released their Summer Said EP on September 5th. Recorded at OHM Recording Facility with Chico Jones, the EP moves from folky dream pop to darker shoegaze and explores the importance of being young at heart. March and Beauty takes pride in that they don't use any synthesizers. Every ambient drone, weird crash, and beautiful swell are done live with guitars using analog effects! This Fall, March and Beauty will be bringing their Summer Said EP across Texas, making stops in Austin, San Marcos, Houston, and Dallas. Please check below for additional show information. March and Beauty will also be releasing a full length