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Tiiva - Enny Owl - Steep Canyon Rangers

Tiiva - Fireflies. Immersive and captivating, Fireflies takes shape as a love letter to London. Reflecting since they moved away from London, Tiiva shares more; Leaving the city and then looking back at how much I got from being there, how shaping and important all those challenges were, the loneliest points becoming something that made me stronger, the loves I had there and heartbreak becoming some of the best memories of my life. The nostalgia we feel for somewhere is a reminder of seeing importance and beauty in moments that at the time we don't quite understand. Going to the big city to find my identity was a beautiful awakening and I felt like I needed to write this love song to the place that helped me. The new single arrives as the follow up to Cellophane which came out back in June in collaboration with Polly Scattergood. The powerful track came as an important reminder of cherrish art and expression. Since their launch, artist and producer Tiiva has made a name for themse