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All Things Blue - VanWyck - Jesse D'Kora - Nice Vice - Oceanator

All Things Blue - Grog Log. LA dream-punk duo All Things Blue return with new single "Grog Log". The new single teases the release of a new EP from the band, and follows the pair's widely acclaimed debut album Get Bit, released in 2020. Led by singer and guitarist India Coombs and accompanied by longtime songwriting partner Jon Joseph, All Things Blue together create "dream-punk" soundscapes in their most tender form; celebrating life's experiences and wrapping them in the soft tones of 60s analog. New single "Grog Log" is an escapist, psych-imbued slice of indie-rock, combining the classic teachings of the golden age of pop including The Ronettes and The Beach Boys, with the lucid psych-pop of Melody's Echo Chamber and La Luz. Speaking on the release of the new single, India Coombs said: "Musically, Grog Log is inspired by Tiki Drinks. Lyrically, it’s inspired by real life, while a beautiful thing, is also filled with let downs and situa

All Things Blue - Tacsidermi - The Hempolics - The Highway Women - Silent Forum

All Things Blue make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy this year with the new single 'Buddha & Penelope'. The Los Angeles psych pop (& more) band have been consistently creative with each track they have shared ahead of their debut album, this final taster being another fabulous affair. ===== From Wales we have Tacsidermi and their debut single 'Gwir'. If you read the background piece below you may notice we have already shared some music from their Welsh counterparts and as a new duo they have created a wonderfully beautiful new song. ===== During the latter part of last year and the early part of this The Hempolics really impressed us and it's great to have a new video for 'In the Night' which is the final individual piece from their last album. Reggae and Dub fans may now indulge once again to this superb band. ===== We featured The Highway Women back in July with a video for 'Shake The Dust'. Now they have produced a new video for

All Things Blue - llawgne - Flight Attendant - Palberta

All Things Blue are a Los Angeles pysch-shoegaze band and they have just released 'Lully' ahead of their debut album 'Get Bit'. The song itself slowly opens with gorgeous vocals and plenty of originality, adding some refined musical accompanyment. ===== llawgne (aka Mathias Engwall) shares 'Reverie Neverending' a song that is smooth flowing dream pop with a hint or two of showegaze, the melodic hooks making the piece really stand out. ===== From Flight Attendant we have the new track and video for 'Comedy Show'. The Nashville based quintet serve up a song that builds both musically and with intensity, it's a little dramatic and very enticing, the video conveys all of that. ===== Palberta return just over a month since we featured 'Before I Got Here' with another new song and video for 'Corner Store'. Once again the vocals and especially the harmonies are notable and the stripped back music complements well. ========================

All Things Blue - Garrett Owen - Jody & The Jerms

All Things Blue just shared 'Dicking Around' alongside announcing that their debut album 'Get Bit' will be out in October. The new song is stylish and atmospheric dream pop, however expect additional genres when the album arrives. === From Texas we have Garrett Owen and 'These Modern Times' which is released today and it's a lush indie folk piece with a superb musical backdrop. === Jody & The Jerms also have a new double A side released today with 'Deeper' and 'I Knew A Boy' both sounding really good as the bands timeless indie music once again delights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All Things Blue - Dicking Around. Dream-punk band All Things Blue have announced their debut album Get Bit will be released 2nd October. Along with the album announcement, the LA-based outfit led by frontwoman India Coombs (or simply, Blue) and collaborator Jon Joseph, are releasing new

All Things Blue - Deidre Thornell - Cuddle Magic - Aura Davis

LA based band All Things Blue have a new single entitled 'Chad' and it's a delicious mixture of psych rock with some catchy pop overtones. === We have a video for the acoustic version of 'Keep On Loving Me' by Deidre Thornell   which sees the song in stripped back mode allowing her gorgeous vocals to really stand out. === Cuddle Magic are back just a month since we first featured them with their new single 'Working On Me' and again the chamber pop band are refined and creative. === From Aura Davis we have her first single 'Secrets' a song that is personal and based on her own life experiences, and yet both catchy and warm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All Things Blue - Chad. LA-based dream-punk band All Things Blue are sharing new single “Chad”. Led by frontwoman India Coombs (or simply, Blue) and collaborator Jon Joseph, All Things Blue traverse genres and sounds; one moment f