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2017 and the beat goes on: Vaudevileins - Melanie Crew

2017 and the beat goes on, musically it's a little quiet on the new material front, how long for we shall see.... Vaudevileins - Sea Anemone. Background - Chicago’s Vaudevileins released their new LP Magician on vinyl, CD, and digital download back on Nov. 18, 2016. Along with Jeff Julian (vox/guitar), Brennen Chouinard (drums/vox), and Bill Aldridge (bass), Evan Mohler joins Vaudevileins on lead guitar for the band’s second full-length recording, which will be their first release on vinyl. The 10-song album is the culmination of a multi-year songwriting and recording effort at Aldridge’s Third City Sound in Joliet, Illinois. Bill engineered the project, and the band worked with their long-time collaborator Jeff Halland, who mixed and mastered Magician for digital and vinyl at his home studio in Minneapolis-St. Paul. “We are really excited to finish Magician and have people hear it,” said Julian. “We think these are our best songs to date and we’re really proud of the prod