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Juniper Bush - The Coo - Bijou Noir

Juniper Bush brand new album is entitled 'Healing Through A Sonic Figure'. We featured the video for 'Turn' just a few days ago and it really is a pleasure to share the full album today from this highly talented psych-rock and shoegaze band. === The Coo have shared a video for 'If Only', a live track recorded in April last year in Amsterdam and it's a gorgeous dual vocal acoustic piece. === It's been eighteen months since we first featured Bijou Noir and they are back with a cover version of The Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows', a song that they creatively and sensitively put their own mark on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Juniper Bush - Healing Through A Sonic Figure (Album). Healing Through A Sonic Figure, the debut full-length record from Winnipeg psych-rock/shoegaze troupe Juniper Bush is out now via Transistor 66. The album deals, in part, with finding one’s way through th

BirdPen - Bijou Noir - Big Bliss

BirdPen - Eyes In The Sky. Background - BirdPen is an alternative rock/electronic/prog act formed by Dave Pen (also the singer and guitarist in Archive) and Mike Bird. Their fifth studio album, ’There’s Something Wrong With Everything’, will be released in mid-October, immediately preceded by new single ‘Oh So Happy’. Melding heavy/psychedelic guitars, rolling basslines, Krautrock drums and old school electronics to create a doom groove ambience, the duo draw inspiration from the likes of Deerhunter, Hookworms, Suuns, The Beta Band, Pink Floyd and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Families sit huddled together in front of their flatscreen TV’s peeking through their hands to see the new world leader being sworn in by a fading shadow of hope while criminals applaud. The world is crying and The End Is On TV. Outside, lost souls wander in a daze fixed on prescription drugs with Eyes In The Sky. This Is Your Life trying to escape advertising and takeaway menus and spending what you don’t h