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Market Junction - Certain Animals - The Brave Faces

Market Junction will release their latest album, 'Burning Bridges', on August 7 and ahead of that they have shared 'Nebraska' a song where the vocals are fabulous and the musicianship comfortably on a par. === As this is our sixth feature for the Dutch band Certain Animals I guess it's safe to say we like them and new song 'TV' sees them keeping up the momentum with another fine rocker. === We featured their debut single back in March and Brighton based band The Brave Faces are back with 'Lots Of Nights Out' which is another solid indie rock song, that stands out both musically and vocally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Market Junction - Nebraska. Of the song, Matt says: "Home is not a place. It is a connection to another person. When you lose those people, you feel uprooted, disconnected, and lost. Being out on the road is hard on a relationship, yet the constant war inside

Julia P. - BlackieBlueBird - Certain Animals - Jed - The Brave Faces - Bethany Ferrie - The Dream Syndicate - Boxes

Julia P. new song 'Walking On By' has a gorgeous country and bluegrass feel coursing through it along with a beautiful musical arrangement. === Today BlackieBlueBird have released their new album 'Goodbye in July' comprising of eleven refined dream pop tracks each vying for attention. === Certain Animals make their fifth appearance on Beehive Candy in less that a year with 'Love, Space & Time' where their fabulous sixties vibes are once again enticing. === We have the full album from Jed streaming below, it's entitled 'Black Gold Texas Tea' and has nine creative instrumental tracks that cover a good number of styles and genres. === Brighton, England's The Brave Faces have released their debut single 'In The Dark' and it's a really impressive piece that more than suggests the band are one's to listen out for. === Bethany Ferrie has a new lyric video for the extremely catchy and melodic song 'Stayed'. === The Dream Sy