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Bryde - Pixy Jones - Sky Barkers - Goodnight Sunrise - Gal Musette

Photo - Cae Candal Sato Bryde - Epilogue. Each track on Bryde’s new album Still explores a different kind of love. It’s a reflective and deeply psychological record, and though it comes with beautifully vulnerable moments that tap into our ideals of romantic love, it also pulls apart society’s pre-conceived ideas of what love should be, with songs that take us on a different path, one exploring concepts of self-love and embracing our shadow selves. New single ‘Epilogue’ sits somewhere in the middle, it’s undoubtable a love song, stripped down with Bryde’s achingly beautiful vocal vulnerably relaying her most inner thoughts (it’s opening line alone is pure heartbreak…. “I wanted you to call me baby, I wanted you to like my hazy world”). However, whilst tapping into the feelings of being in-love, it simultaneously steps away from the fairy tale ideal, offering a more realistic viewpoint. As Bryde expands: "Real love is about knowing someone. Their flaws, their annoying traits and h

Bryde - Monophonics - Blue Amber

Photographed by Cae Candal Sato Bryde - Algorithms (cyber). Bryde (aka British guitarist and vocalist Sarah Howells) shares a third single ‘Algorithms (cyber)’ from forthcoming album Still which follows 15 July via Easy Life Records. “How do you write a song about online dating and its familiar combination of hope and disappointment” say BRYDE of ‘Algorithms (cyber)’, “It’s like a real-life social media notification you can't stop checking. How do you write about ice cream, gaslighting, fleeting feelings that can creep out the back door when you're not looking, THE INTERNET!!  About the fact we can now research each other before ever meeting IRL?” As with all the ten songs on Bryde's album Still, ‘Algorithms (cyber)’ is not a simple tale of love, or the search for. Instead, it unpacks deep-rooted societal views on it, the preconceptions, and trappings, explored with prose that is both vulnerable it its honesty and worldly wise, wrapped in a lush soundscape led by Bryde’s d

Annabel Allum - Bryde - Drinks - Dead Man's Knee - Birdpeople

Annabel Allum - Rascal. Background - Guildford-based Annabel Allum shares boisterous new single Rascal, her second offering of the year following acclaimed January release Beat The Birds and critically successful 2017 EP All That For What. Loaded with pulsating hooks and the enigmatic singer-songwriter’s tenacious vocals, Allum oozes charisma and once more showcases her ability to marry folk-style storytelling with snarling fuzzy indie. “Rascal pinpoints a phase in time when it felt like no matter what I was doing, it wouldn’t be right”. Allum says, “Trying to look after myself, the people close to me, the people around me, and never finding a balance in any of it. I would either give too much or nothing at all. I still do that. It’s quite a sad song. Self-scrutiny, really. I guess I’m just still learning that it’s okay to not be able to please everything all the time”. Alongside the striking sonic aesthetic of her music, her original look and self-styling has led to endorsements

Canary Islands - Everett Bird - Bryde

Canary Islands - Glöm Baby Glöm. Background - Swedish Canary Islands, consisting of members from Animal Five, are now en route to a new album release. They have previously released music under their own format ”3P”: 3 songs, recorded in 3 days, released as a long triple song.They released 3 of these 3P’s in one year. ”Glöm baby Glöm” is the first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a straight forward and dreamy pop song: ”Glöm baby Glöm' is about a person that breaks up with someone they love above all because they deserve that kind of love.” - Martin von Inghardt. FACEBOOK . 'Glöm Baby Glöm' is a smooth flowing indie pop song that is beautifully crafted. The vocals are natural and pleasing regardless of any language barrier, the music is vibrant and equally charming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everett Bird - Bucket of Dark Meat. Background from Everett B

Quality Not Quantity: Candi's Dog - Bryde - Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children

Candi's Dog - A Light Has Gone Out. Background promo - Tyneside trio Candi's Dog specialise in acoustic Folk-Pop, combining inventive structures with ludicrously catchy melodies in the essential “A Light Has Gone Out”, released Friday 25th November 2016. “A Light Has Gone Out” demonstrates Candi’s Dog at the very top of their unique Folk-Pop game with crisp, upbeat melodies and warming harmonies generously supplying a comforting air of familiarity whilst simultaneously providing a fresh take on the Folk-Pop genre. With crystal-clear tones combined with bucket loads of untouchable sincerity, the resulting mash-up is akin to the likes of Bright Eyes and Fleetwood Mac along with the lyrical qualities of Ed Sheeran and Bob Dylan. It’s just too damn hard not to like these fellows as audiences have been finding out. After supporting The Sons Of Pitches, winners of BBC TV’s ‘The Naked Choir’ on their sold out shows earlier this year, Candi’s Dog are back by popular demand, well and