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Suzy and the Lifeguards - Weird Milk - Dramamama - Christy Lynn Band - Victoria+Jean - Orpine - The Claudettes

Suzy and the Lifeguards first graced our site pretty much a month ago to the day and return with the delightful and relaxing indie pop song 'Take It Slow'. === Weird Milk make their third appearance here with todays release 'Is That Love' and the band again serve up some melodic and original indie rock. === If you fancy some timeless hook filled rock then Dramamama comfortably fulfill that with 'End Of The Line'. === Accompanied by a video that picks up on the songs story Christy Lynn Band have just shared 'Checkin In' a fabulous country rocker that exudes feeling. === Victoria+Jean have released 'Imbecile' (Featuring Romain Humeau) and it's a dramatic, dusky and addictive electro pop piece. === Another song released today comes from Orpine and is entitled 'Sondern' and it's simply wonderful, the duos modern folk centred song twists and turns with charm and natural feeling. === Last month we featured 'High Times In The Dark&