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Twain - Mini Trees - Florence Arman

Twain - 2 Lovers. Twain shared “2 Lovers” yesterday, another new song from the upcoming album Noon to be released October 21. The song opens with familiar nostalgic warmth. Songwriter Matthew Davidson shares that, " '2 Lovers’ is the oldest song on Noon, from the end of my time living in New York. The bar in the song was called Manhattan Inn, in Greenpoint. I was briefly employed there as a bar-back. There was a beautiful room in the back with tables and benches against each wall and a fucked-up grand piano in the center of the room. It was a great place to see shows, with the audience surrounding the band in a hush. I remember sets from Adrianne Lenker, Nick Hakim, Joanna Sternberg, and really special was working the brunch shift, juicing lemons in the hard sunlight while Dylan Meek made jazz music on the piano." Davidson shares, "Something new for me about making Noon was allowing writing to be an active part of the recording process, making time each morning to f

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Twain - The Priestess. Twain announces a new album called Noon, out October 21 via Keeled Scales. This week they share the softly rollicking new song, “The Priestess.” Songwriter Matthew Davidson offers, “I thought I was writing this song to a friend and later found out it was directed towards myself. It is about allowing the heart to speak, and being direct.” Davidson elaborates on the new song, “‘Rugby’ is a street in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and ‘the Odyssey’ is my old van. The inner landscape of the song, the place it takes me and where it was written, is Las Trampas, New Mexico, and I think about the cold nights and sleeping on the ground under wool blankets, taping up holes in my sleeping bag with duct tape, Folgers coffee in the blue cardboard can, and hearing the elk song for the first time.” Twain’s fourth release on Keeled Scales, Noon, is a collection attempting to balance soul-fantasy with self-scrutiny, to erode the barrier between those two places, and to find the liminal s

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Photo - Victoria Byt Lena Minder - One More Time. Together Alone is the name of the debut album by Lena Minder, which is about loneliness in relationships. In March 2020, her plans to move back to Switzerland were thwarted by the pandemic. Instead of finding her way back to her roots, she embarked on an inner search and confrontation with herself in isolation.  In her memories, Lena revived past relationships and critically questioned them. She began to put these thoughts into songs and tells with melancholy, nostalgia, but also a pinch of irony about the complexity of interpersonal existence. The album contains eight songs, some of which are stylistically very different from each other. The beginning is made by the reduced, folky waltz song «Stay Around», which stands out for its sophisticated vocal arrangement. «Stolen Love» or «One More Time» can hardly be assigned to the indie folk genre. They contain elements of soul and gospel and backing vocals reminiscent of the 30s. With the

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Having spoken highly of her music on a number of occasions, along with sharing a good few of her songs, it's a pleasure to feature Rosie Carney once again, this time with the brand new album 'Bare'. Coco Bans mixture of synths, rhythmic guitar and gorgeous vocals works beautifully as this addictive song demonstrates. Twain's inviting voice and carefully matched musical backdrop ensures everything stands out with refined clarity, the piano adding even more. Our last inclusion today are Freedom Fry who have a three song E.P with plenty of variety and a whole load of hooks to enjoy. Rosie Carney - Bare (Album). Building on over 30 million Spotify streams and 1.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, breakout singer-songwriter Rosie Carney’s long-awaited, deeply personal debut album Bare is out now via Akira Records. Bare is already receiving early rave reviews from the likes of Mojo Magazine who calls Carney’s music “haunting” and “the sound of a troubled soul findin

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Chorusgirl - In Dreams. London band Chorusgirl reveal their stunning new animated collage video for "In Dreams", which was created by renowned animator Ruth Barrett. The track is taken from Chorusgirl's forthcoming second album Shimmer and Spin due out on 16 November via Reckless Yes. The band will be heading out on the road in November. The handmade stop motion video for "In Dreams" consists of an impressive 2500 manually cut out paper prints filmed using the strata stencil technique, an animation technique invented by Javan Ivey, and a further progression of the complicated strata cut technique first used by David Daniels. The video uses the red colour scheme of the album art for Shimmer and Spin and was inspired by the reverb-heavy shimmer of the band’s sound, rollercoaster rides, fireworks, dreams and all things spinning. "In Dreams" is a song about feeling out of place. It’s a coming-of-age anthem about dreaming yourself out of the small to