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Manfred Mann's Earthband - Philadelphia 1976

This is one of those moments in time. When a band introduces a 'new song', as they did during this performance, one that all these years later we know to be, a 'classic' of theirs, you can begin to plot that occasion with greater clarity. Manfred Mann's Earth Band have never been superstars. I think it fair to say that was never the intended goal, indeed the choice was taken to move away from 'three minute pop songs' and chart hits, and explore more creative ideas. By the time of the 'Roaring Silence Tour' they were however well established, but they did not fit that comfortably into any particular rock niche. A bit Prog, a bit rock blues, sometimes just Manfred Mann, growing a little older. This is a recording of them at the Spectrum, Philadelphia USA, on the 15th October 1976. They were, and indeed remain a recording band, one of those acts who seem to embrace a lot of contemporary artists, and not detract from the original idea. They were pretty g