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Sean Listro - theWorst - Lokoy with Emilie Østebø - Paper Fishes

Sean Listro is a solo alt rock artist from Toronto who has just shared 'Feel Your Touch'. The song conveys a sense of heartfelt feeling through some engaging vocals whilst the musical arrangement gradually builds with intensity. ===== theWorst shared 'Yes Regrets' a few days ago along with a live video. The track mixes subtle refrains with some full on and epic blasts of potent rock, the vocals demand attention as does the bands feisty musical delivery. ===== Lokoy just released 'a mistake' accompanied with Emilie Østebø. It's a fabulous indie pop/rock song with melodic vocals and a mass of gorgeous hooks throughout.  ===== We featured Paper Fishes 'Instant Happiness' album in full back in July which includes 'All Your Lives Are Dreams Played Inside My Head'. However having just released a new video for that song and because it's just so good, here's the video as a reminder of this really fine album.   ==============================

May Have - Paper Fishes - Girlhood - Obscura Hail

May Have have shared their first single 'May Have (Misunderstood)' from their forthcoming E.P due August 28th.The song is a rich mixture of gorgeous vocals and harmonies surrounded by lush synths and more. === Paper Fishes brand new album 'Instant Happiness' has just been released by the UK Indie Folk and Folk Rock band, it's packed with hook filled and imaginative tracks ( and it's streaming in full below). === Girlhood have been gaining considerable attention through BBC radio and it's well deserved as the fabulous new song 'Sister' demonstrates. === Obscura Hail share 'Doomer' which is a powerful and distinctive rocker that just oozes warmth, passion and determination. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ May Have - May Have (Misunderstood). Saturday night dance party. Gut­wrenching lyrics. Perfectly placed synths. May Have’s new EP, Misunderstood, draws influences ranging f