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H.C. McEntire - Portland - Scott Goldbaum - The Velvet Hands

H.C. McEntire - New View. H.C. McEntire shares “New View,” the latest single from her forthcoming album Every Acre, which releases January 27 via Merge Records. Accompanied by a music video directed by Jethro Waters and performed by choreographer/dancer Maya Orchin, “New View” straddles the line between music and poetry, weaving back and forth between each realm. Citing poets “Day, Ada, and Laux, Berry, and Olds,” McEntire’s voice is at moments fierce and others tender, offering a sense of both giving and taking, releasing and claiming. H.C. McEntire expounds on the new single: “Inspired by a late-night meditation under an October full moon, the lyrics for ‘New View’ were written from a place of possibility and promise – the feeling of falling in love, affirming its realness and rawness, committing to the openness and bravery required for it to fully emerge, being willing to let it lead. It is about leaning into the notion that what you seek is seeking you and making room for its manif

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Photo - Heather Evans Smith H.C. McEntire - Dovetail. H.C. McEntire announces her new album, Every Acre, will be released on January 27 via Merge Records. Co-produced by McEntire, Missy Thangs and Luke Norton, Every Acre features nine poignant new songs, including two tracks with backing vocals provided by S.G. Goodman and Amy Ray. Along with the announcement, McEntire shares “Dovetail,” the new single that imagistically depicts various women and their various gifts, their various traumas. “‘Dovetail’ began as a jangly, four-on-the-floor country demo I roughly recorded at home,” McEntire explains of the song’s inception. “In the studio, the band and I leaned into the twang and outlaw attitude, recorded it, and moved on to work on other songs. But something kept calling us back to reimagine this song, to look at it from a different angle. One night after a long day of tracking, Luke started playing the ‘Dovetail’ chord progression on piano, but much more slowly. Daniel jumped behind th

Isla Craig - H.C. McEntire - Una Rose - Cozy Slippers

Isla Craig - Moon. Today, Toronto based songwriter Isla Craig has shared 'Moon', the second single to be taken from her forthcoming album Echo's Reach. Of her new single, Isla says: "The new single is my humble offering into the canon of 'Moon' songs across the ages. A song that is more a vibe and a vibe that asks us to suspend the harsh frequencies of earthbound folly for a moment of reflection and feeling. Keeping it psyche and casting a spell, the lessons of the moon of which I live to tell!" For over a decade Isla Craig has created a formidable body of work, a unique musical vision last heard on 2018’s The Becoming and stretching back to 2012’s Both the one & the other, (an a cappella suite of songs featuring some of Toronto’s best known vocalists Daniela Gesundheit, Tamara Lindeman, Ivy Mairi, & Felicity Williams).  With Echo’s Reach, Isla presents a sophisticated set of compositions that perfectly wrap her Highland influenced melodies in an

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Mercy Flight - Entropy.  Background by Steve York of Mercy Flight - The band Mercy Flight is a natural evolution of my music. Together with powerhouse musicians – Tony Rabalao & Thomas McKay (Joy Drop), Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga), Dan Miller (Valerie Dour) and Katey Morley (Gypsy Soul) - we combine to create Mercy Flight’s indie folk sound with a modern twist. “Entropy,” the first single from our forthcoming record, explores the importance of human connection in a disintegrating world. Technologies designed to bring us together are tearing us apart and destroying our physical realities. “Entropy” is a reminder to connect in the moment. Set for release on June 15th, Humanizer continues to explore the relationship between humanity and technology. I’ve watched the music industry change from the inside over the past 20 years, and reflect what I’ve witnessed on our new album. Humanizer was recorded straight to analog tape at Revolution Recording in Toronto. FACEBOOK . 'Entropy