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Saturday &: Shapes On Tape - Otto Niklasson Elmerås - Night Lights

Shapes On Tape - Personal Enemy #1 Background promo - Shapes on Tape's latest release is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the merit, or lack thereof, of the quite possibly the most insufferable lawyer in all of New York City. Over a bouncing baseline and neon synths, the duo expounds on the extraordinary suckitude of this profoundly hateful individual. The track is synthy dance rock with a dark edge. Said the band: "The practice of law can be profoundly frustrating and has required me at times to say things like 'This is the kind of dumb ass pissing contest that makes the practise of law so unpleasant so often. You know that, right,' or 'I have no interest in hackneyed lawyer games. Life is far too short for me to engage in such trivialities. I cordially invite to you refrain from them and I will return the favour.' Sometimes, though, a person--a particular guy in this instance--is just so unpleasant, so incapable of professional courtesy, so inexplicably