About Us

Beehive Candy is simply about music. Music we find enjoyable, intriguing, of historic interest, or brand new and grabbing our attention.

We started out in late 2006 and gradually settled on a theme of sharing a variety of commercially unreleased recordings and rarities, nothing unusual at the time as there were already a good number of blogs circulating 'bootlegs'. We wanted to do more for music and musicians and over a period of time began to share and promote new artists. Promoters and artists began to introduce us to a phenomenal amount of new music across a wide range of genres, we try to give all a listen and then simply pick those we like for a feature. Over a period of time we settled into a mix of new and rare music features. The rarities drew the visitors to Beehive Candy and the new music features gained an ever growing regular audience.

Then in 2012 everything changed. The music industry organized a major clampdown on websites and music blogs sharing any type of music regardless of the amount and context. Arguably much of this decision was reasonable and justified, some sites were just giving away brand new albums and singles wholesale and some of the bootleg sites were sharing such high volumes of material (Video and audio) that it could not be ignored. Unfortunately sites like Beehive Candy fell foul of this and our file hosts took a blanket approach deleting any music on their servers regardless of circumstances. In fairness they had no choice. We have been provided 'rarities' from those in the music business, radio professionals, even bands themselves, however we cannot alter history, unexpected things happen.

Our policy has always been to remove anything immediately if requested by the musicians or their representatives, a few artists are quite sensitive to rare recordings circulating, that's their choice and we comply. Many bands are fine with old concert & demo material being shared provided there is no money involved.

Our focus has shifted to new music. Whilst we still enjoy listening and featuring artists, Beehive Candy will continue. This is a labour of love, we are a small website in the grand order of things, hopefully with no pretentious moments, all is done on a voluntary basis and the help received is truly valued. We still get a 'buzz' from the feedback we receive and are delighted when artists feel supported by our coverage.

There are some 'interesting' moments running this site. Occasionally we have to delete comments from individuals who clearly have issues when allowed near a computer. The protestations over the audio quality of a forty year old audience recording never ceases to amuse us. Some music promoters (the minority I assure you) think a few words about an artist is enough and not even a hint on where we can hear them. An unnamed large corporate label consistently tells us how wonderful every artist and release is, with paragraphs and photo's galore and consistently the links to listen do not work. However the invites to special preview events are appreciated, even when they are two thousand miles away, the intention is good and we salute you.

Our formal music policy.

Beehive Candy will always remove any live recording, demo, rarities and similar material permanently if the artist or their official representatives request this site to do so. We were sharing without any charge, unreleased material whilst promoting purchase of the artists commercially released material. We have now ceased this aspect of Beehive Candy, and as old file links expire, they are not replaced.

All live or demo performances that were featured in the past, are to our knowledge after comprehensive research not commercially available. We do however provide commercial supporting web-links to enable the purchase of any featured artists merchandise, normally MP3's or CD's.

Individual MP3 tracks (available for download) are provided in conjunction with official music promoters and are provided as part of our key strategy of helping many emerging artists to reach a wider audience. Again we will withdraw any promotion upon request.

In 2015 we have taken the decision to focus on supporting new artists, we hope the legacy of our archives will be recognised as supporting this developing arrangement.

Archive Material 

Beehive Candy has featured live and rare material using the Internet Archive. We have streamed whole concerts from our own website, whilst much of the material could be downloaded (often a choice of - mp3, Flac, OGG VORBIS files) in links we provided to the relevant page on the Internet Archive.

There is of course our own archives with features going back to 2007. We have shared famous (or should that be infamous) bootlegs and rare recordings in the past and we know that this has drawn many visits to Beehive Candy.

Whilst a number of these old features still have 'live' links to the material, plenty do not. Our focus over the last year has been to legitimately support a mixture of young artists and bands, or work with more established acts offering something new. The only criteria with this is simply, that we like what we hear. Beehive Candy has come along way since it's inception, and has built trust with many artists and bands working in the music world today.

Our direction has changed and our policies have been modified accordingly. Beehive Candy no longer maintains it's archive and when file links expire, we no longer replace them. We are sorry for any disappointment. Please note: All live files for rarities are in unique password protected 7Zip files. The files have no distinguishing characteristics to stop direct web searching/downloading.

Finally and stating the obvious search for any material elsewhere. There remain many bootleg and rarities enthusiasts and plenty of music blogs sharing their favourite's. Finally thank you for your time in reading this.

Contact direct by email: perfectradio@btinternet.com