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Zak Fleisher - Peaking Lights - Miranda Lee Richards - The Hurt

Zak Fleisher - Decisive. Background - Zak Fleisher, a 23-year old Australian, is a multi-instrumental and talented singer songwriter. He starting playing guitar at age 7, there has been no looking back since. Zak is excited to release his new single ‘Decisive’, through The A&R Department, marking his followup to debut ‘Green Girl’. In late 2015, Zak decided that it was time to take the leap of faith and play solo, playing shows in Western Australia, Melbourne, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and Vancouver. ‘Decisive’, which was originally written in late 2015, is broadly about making a decision with someone regarding a relationship.  “For me it means either a ‘yes let’s go for it’, or a ‘no not for me’ attitude rather than the grey area of let’s see how this pans out. Either way, I can deal with the answer, the real trouble is getting that answer because people are too conscious of hurting other people’s feelings, which shows a higher degree of empathy bu