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I Hate You Just Kidding - Christopher Pellnat - Janileigh Cohen - Line & Circle - Vern Matz

I Hate You Just Kidding - Smokestacks. Background - Jeremy and Jessi Brock are the husband & wife songwriting duo known as I Hate You Just Kidding. They started making music together shortly after meeting and formally formed the project in 2009. Their music has been featured in film/television and commercials, and they have gone on several national tours, leaving two EPs and one full-length album in their wake. Upon releasing their debut "Days Grow Longer" in 2011, I Hate You Just Kidding began writing a follow up. However, the touring life sometimes takes a few detours. After a 5 year hiatus, the sophomore album “Constellations” will be released on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2018. WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . Live: Nov 15th 2017 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA. 'Smokestacks' is a tuneful catchy indie song. It's starts out as uncomplicated pop that occasionally builds into a more of a rock track, either way it addictive & gorgeous. --------------------

Aurganic - Broken Stems - The Patient - Janileigh Cohen - Verandan

Aurganic - Meander. Background - We had 20 songs written for this release but only 9 made the cut. The making and production of this album took over 2 years to complete. A lot of parts were re-recorded, songs' structures changed, and ideas scrapped. The lack of deadlines helped us find new sounds and experiment with production. This album was completely self-produced. It also marks the first time we handled our own mastering.  Aurganic is a window into a collaborative thought and emotion of two individuals who dedicate most of their time to the craft of music and sound creation. Separated by distance and connected by technology Aurganic was one of the original online collaboration projects to appear last decade. Rooted in friendship, the project proved its longevity with four independent releases to date. Aurganic is an experimental electronic/alternative studio project of two long-time friends Michael Kossov and Leo Pisaq. Originally high school classmates, they were member