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Girlschool - Cologne - Germany 1991

When featuring the Go Go's recently, I came across the fact that Kathy Valentine had for a short while been a member of Girlschool . A small piece of trivia, that gives a tenuous link to sharing a Girlschool concert. The make you feel old fact, is that Girlschool have been around for thirty years, as of this year. This is only part of a concert from 1991, the band have released three official live albums, more details on their website's discography HERE . Performing at Music Hall, Cologne, Germany during December 1991, this is brimming with their usual live energy. The setlist for this recording is: 1. Uh, All Night 2. Screamin' Blue Murder 3. Demolition Boys 4. C'mon Let's Go 5. Emergency 6. Tush 7. Play With Fire This is from a stereo FM recording of very good quality. DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS BELOW. Official web pages HERE , shop page HERE and MySpace HERE .