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Gillian Stone - Robinson Kirby - The Catenary Wires - The Highway Women - Ashley Monroe

Gillian Stone - Shelf. Gillian Stone is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist whose work has been described as “a mix of Black Mountain, PJ Harvey and Weyes Blood” (PhotogMusic). Her songwriting draws from post-rock, art-rock, folk, minimalism, and ambience. Born and raised on Vancouver Island with Icelandic heritage, Stone channels the influence of outer landscapes in her inner lyrical worlds and soundscapes. Her music is often the product of processing her darkest emotions, particularly those related to shame, depression, addiction, self-doubt, and loss. She juxtaposes these themes with textures that range from tender to explosive in order to produce a singular sonic environment. Stone’s debut release, “Bridges,” was described as “a dark and beautiful song; a song of many textures” (Monolith Cocktail) and “achingly vulnerable” (The Joy of Violent Movement). Her new single, “Shelf,” co-produced with experimental cellist Michael Peter Olsen (Arcade Fire, Haim, The Hidden Cameras), is

The Last Morrell - Call Me Spinster - Gillian Stone

The Last Morrell first came our way back in March this year and it's good to have him back with the new song release 'Picking at Stitches'. Once again the melodic vocals are just gorgeous and the music arrangement develops into something quite stirring, add in his magnificent video and this truly is a superb and creative piece. ===== It's just over a month since we first featured Call Me Spinster and they return with another beautiful track entitled 'Two Hearts'. The sister trio are once again fabulously timeless with wonderful vocals and harmonies as a dreamy vibe runs throughout this "oh to" short song ===== Gillian Stone has recently released 'Bridges' and despite the fact we are a couple of weeks late to the show, this exquisite and captivating song remains a must share.  =================================================== The Last Morrell - Picking at Stitches. Not very often do we see an artist create their own music video in quite the