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Molly Linen - Ria Hall - Beatific

Molly Linen just released her new single 'When They Didn't Care'. Molly's vocals are described as beguiling, emotive, yet serene, which I agree is a fair assessment, she is also a creative songwriter as is witnessed by this very fine song. New Zealand vocalist Ria Hall has a new single out entitled 'Cause & Effect' a gorgeous mixture of classic reggae music and her natural soulful vocals, backed by vocal harmonies that again add those reggae vibes. Duo Beatific have a new video for' She Loves Him' the first single from their debut EP out in December. The vocal harmonies are wonderful as this dreamy song drifts along sounding carefree and relaxed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Molly Linen - When They Didn't Care. Lost Map Record’s latest signing Molly Linen returns with a new single ‘When They Didn’t Care’, released on streaming services and via Lost Map’s PostMap Club ser