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Hannah Georgas - Ivan Moult - Debacle - Goodbye Karelle

Hannah Georgas - This Too Shall Pass. In 2020 Hannah Georgas released her Aaron Dessner-produced LP All That Emotion. Though a longtime favorite in her native Canada with a devoted international audience, the album was the most critically-acclaimed release of her career to date, earning a wave of positive attention from outlets like The Guardian, Pitchfork, NPR, The New York Times, FADER, Stereogum, New York Magazine, Consequence of Sound and Paste among many others. In 2021 she released an EP of alternate versions of tracks from the album, featuring contributions from friends and collaborators like Bartees Strange, Owen Pallett, The National's Matt Berninger and Kate Stables, but today Georgas is sharing her first new music in three years with new single, “This Too Shall Pass”. The single is being released to mark the announce of her signing to Lucy Rose's Real Kind Records, and is being released alongside a Joe Connor directed video, shot in London. Where Hannah’s last recor

Wild The Coyote - Hannah Georgas - Sterre Weldring

Wild The Coyote - Silver Round Bullet. The supremely talented Wild the Coyote has now released his newest single, “Silver Round Bullet.” The song is the first from his upcoming EP, 7 Roses. Following his previous releases, this track continues with Coyote’s unique, gritty style and delivers an electrifying listening experience. “Silver Round Bullet” is available now to stream or download on all platforms. “Silver Round Bullet” is a fantastic reflection of Wild the Coyote’s riveting, original sound. With grungy guitar and vocals melded with rumbling percussion, this track successfully captures the outlaw country style his music listeners have come to expect. Combining iconic aspects of blues, country, and rock, Coyote skillfully makes listeners feel as though they have been teleported to the old west. Produced by Joseph Holiday, the song has a powerful and catchy melody that gives clear insight into why some have drawn comparisons between Wild the Coyote and the great Johnny Cash.  Wit

Hannah Georgas - Westberg - Dusker

Hannah Georgas makes her fourth appearance here this year with 'Easy' and it's another beautifully crafted song that allows her superb vocals to shine. === Westberg shared 'Simple' with us back in June and return with 'Nostalgia' where the duo are again impressive with this creatively arranged song. === Dusker share 'Quality Papers' ahead of E.P 2' set for release this coming Friday, the song itself is a magnificent mixture of alt rock with more than a little punk feeling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hannah Georgas - Easy. On September 4th Hannah Georgas who, over the years has been an active touring member of The National and Kathleen Edward's backing band, will release her new LP All That Emotion on Brassland and Arts & Crafts. Produced by Aaron Dessner, founding member of The National and producer of Taylor Swift's latest LP folklore, the album has already at

Grizzly Coast - Sera - Priestgate - Hannah Georgas

Grizzly Coast makes her seventh appearance on Beehive Candy with a new video for 'Lonely Planet', we've said many positive things about her superb indie rock, this song makes for a solid reminder why. === Sera is another artist who has impressed us on a number of occasions before and the new song 'Switch' continues that trend as the singer songwriter's distinctive style really pleases. === Priestgate recently shared 'Now' and the five piece Yorkshire, England band sound so good, refreshing and powerful that this is a fabulous song to be heard far and wide. === Hannah Georgas new song 'Just A Phase' sees the artist continue to release refined new music, her vocals shining above a sophisticated musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grizzly Coast - Lonely Planet. Late last summer, Alannah Kavanaugh (Grizzly Coast) and her partner bought a Volvo, named it Ducky, and

Natalie Schlabs - Hannah Georgas - Tempesst

Natalie Schlabs has a new single released today entitled 'Go Outside'. Its one of nine songs on her 'Don't Look Too Close' album due in October and put simply if you like this track you are going to love the album! === Hannah Georgas returns to Beehive Candy three months after we first featured her, this time we have the new single 'Dreams' where a stripped back musical arrangement is just right for her enticing vocals. === Tempesst make their sixth appearance with us and have announced that their debut album 'Must Be A Dream' will be released at the end of September, in the meantime we have the new single 'On The Run' and it's another really fine song from these talented multi genre rockers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Natalie Schlabs - Go Outside. The new single from singer/songwriter Natalie Schlabs "Go Outside" has been released today. Natalie says the

Pike & Sutton - Californiosos - Hannah Georgas - Grace Gillespie - Jett Kwong

Pike & Sutton have really impressed me these last couple of months and return for a third time this year with 'Let The Music Get You High' and once again their soulful vocals and bluesy rock feel are just incredible. === Californiosos have released 'Captain's Got A Brand New Heart' with a suitably matched video. Their described as psych-jazz-folk duo, the song explains that wonderful combination, better than I can. === We have the latest single from   Hannah Georgas entitled 'That Emotion' where her melodic vocals and a refined rhythmic backdrop work beautifully together. === We featured Grace Gillespie twice last year and now we have her latest song 'Goodbye' and it's an intimate, exquisite folk singer-songwriter piece. === Jett Kwong just released 'Tokyo Bath' and it's a sultry, emotional and personal song with a fabulously arranged musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------