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Bad Hammer - Julian Shah-Tayler - Fe Salomon - ALASKALASKA

Bad Hammer - Call Me. Berlin-based shadow-pop newcomers Bad Hammer have shared new single 'Call Me'. The single comes alongside news that they will be touring the UK and Europe in November and December, including dates with NY's Black Marble. Bad Hammer blends melancholic melodies with poignant guitar riffs, meandering along warm synth pads and subtly driving drum beats to dazzling effect.  Thematically the songs that make up their forthcoming debut, End of an Age, are connected by referring to a state of being on hold, undetermined, between looking forwards and back, holding on to something and anticipating change. End Of An Age will be released on November 25th. Their new single, 'Call Me' is is a song about the connection between a mother and her child. A six-minute pop epic drenched in emotion and longing. On their new single, Bad Hammer says: "It's about communication, through the umbilical cord, then through touch, then through words, through machine

Nora Kelly Band - La Femme - MARBLES - Little Quirks - ALASKALASKA

Nora Kelly Band - Right Now. The Nora Kelly Band emerged this spring sharing two rip-roaring singles, “Hymn for the Agnostics” and “Change My Mind,” while destroying audiences at Canadian Music Week, NXNE, supporting Kiwi Jr., and this past Friday celebrating early with a headlining performance in their hometown of Montreal. This week they share a new single “Right Now,” and announce their debut EP, Perfect Pig, out today. Discussing “Right Now,” bandleader Nora Kelly stated, “'Right Now' chronicles the rise and fall of a past relationship. The song was written when I was in the throes of the breakup woes, but it also has a sense of optimism about the future. It’s sort of a pep talk to myself that things will get better, while also being an honest encapsulation of what I was going through back then. I’m proud of the song for its vulnerability, and how it details my ever-shifting understanding of love. Like now when I sing it, I tell people it was once a sad song about my ex bu

White Room - Ysgol Sul - Death Of Guitar Pop - Trevor Hall - Wild Meadows - ALASKALASKA

White Room - The Blue / Tomorrow Always Knew. Background - Brighton indie rockers White Room have announced their debut headline UK tour featuring new double EP Eight in its entirety (released on 1st December). Recent signees to the legendary Liverpool label, White Room’s nod to 60s psychedelic rock alongside more contemporary influences (Pond, Temples, Cage The Elephant) is evident throughout their new record Eight, a collection of songs that interlock conceptually, comprising similar themes such as forward thinking, hope, positivity and escape. Inspired by the current social and political climate of the world and the uncertainty we all live with, the synergy between the lyrics and themes signified by 8 – the number of infinity – hints at the real depth within Eight, touching on aspects of joy, strength, balance and power in unity. Discussing the release, the quintet stated: “In Eight we are offering a way to lose yourself; find an escape, and to embrace the intrinsic ability

Penny Police - ALASKALASKA

Penny Police - Fool Like Me. Background - Having been nominated for Denmark’s prestigious Gaffa award for Best Female Artist twice in three years in 2012 and 2014; and having been the recipient of the Bands of Tomorrow ‘Pop Artist Of The Year’ award in 2013, Penny Police’s releases to date have been showered with four and five star reviews across the board that laud her musicality, and her ability to conjure melodies so light, pure and delicately delivered as though they were made from the hydrogen atoms teased from a teardrop. With her personalised brand of poetic and ambient art-pop, Marie Fjeldsted (aka Penny Police) is an artist so steeped in empathy, warmth and humanity you’d be forgiven for thinking she’d seen the inside of your private journal. Her warm, almost whispery voice gently guides the listener through her ballads, songs which are often based on found footage: conversations overheard, television clips - pieces otherwise forgotten. While quick to profess her love f