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Jillette Johnson - Bee Bee Sea - Sandtimer - Deepfake Moneybomb

Jillette Johnson releases 'Annie' and announces her new album due in a few months time, the new song is a gorgeous slice of modern folk pop with hints of timeless country. === We have featured the first two singles from their upcoming new album 'Day Ripper' and now we have the title track from Bee Bee Sea namely (of course) 'Day Ripper' where the bands nod towards The Beatles is notable. === Sandtimer are another band who have appeared here a couple of times already in 2020 and are back with 'You Never Had Control' a stripped back track that exudes plenty of personal feeling. === Deepfake Moneybomb has released his self titled album and it's streaming in full below. Always on the lookout for different, creative yet accessible music we are delighted that all those boxes have been ticked with this talented and crafted release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jillette Johnson - Annie.

The Icebergs - Favours - Circus Caravan - Bee Bee Sea - Tempesst

The Icebergs have released their new album today entitled 'Add Vice' and it's an eclectic and highly original collection of songs streaming in full below, if your on the look out for different, but really good different, get stuck in now. === Favours newest song 'Memories' is a fabulous affair, with dual vocals and harmonies, it's easy to understand the interest and hype they have already generated. === Circus Caravan have shared 'Cabo da Roca' the 6th song from the album 'Scattered Sketches' released back in May, the track itself is a mixture of indie styles and upbeat energy.=== Bee Bee Sea return to Beehive Candy with 'Gonna Get Me' and again the Italian garage-psych trio are on top form! === Another band who have impressed us this last year are Tempesst who are back with 'Mushroom Cloud' the second track to be lifted from their upcoming debut album 'Must Be A Dream' and if anything they have upped the expectatio

Lesley Barth - Grizzly Coast - Bee Bee Sea - Rett Smith

Lesley Barth is back just a month after we featured 'Woman Looking Back at Me' with the new song 'Nashville' which mixes folk with a good hint of country and sounds beautiful. === Making her fifth appearance on Beehive Candy Grizzly Coast returns with 'Catch and Release' and it's another refined indie rocker where the melodic vocals shine. === We have to go back to 2017 for our only other feature for Bee Bee Sea however it's good our paths have crossed again with 'Daily Jobs' a fiery garage psych track amassed with hooks. === Rett Smith shares the second single, 'Hardship Highways,' from his upcoming album 'Giving Up On Quitting' and it's a lyrically reflective singer-songwriter piece with some good solid rock vibes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lesley Barth - Nashville. We are excited to share the second single, "Nashville" from NYC singer-so

May Roosevelt - New Luna - Bee Bee Sea - Mo Kenney

May Roosevelt - Air. Background - So far, May Roosevelt is best known as a thereminist. She has already performed in cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and she has collaborated with artists ranging from Tijuana groovy band Los Macuanos to Tel Aviv multi-talented artist Kutiman. Despite her collaborations, May has got three releases to her name so far, including 2011's self released Haunted, eight musical compositions included the zeibekiko dance rhythm in "The Unicorn Died", which was composed and presented for the first time in London at the Red Bull Music Academy in February 2010.  May Roosevelt marks her return in 2017 with her new album titled "Junea", just released on October 23th via Inner Ear. It's her first release for the label. Junea is a heroine of the modern digital world, where reality meets fiction through bridges made of electronic sounds and pixels. Musically, it could be said that she is an alter ego of May Roosevelt, a