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Globe Trotting: Russell Morgan - Elouise - Meter Bridge - Groovy Bones - Seavera

Russell Morgan - You Don't Feel. Words from Russell - "You Don't Feel" is from my new album "Begin Simple", which will be released, May 13th 2016, by Ray Recordings. Throughout the writing of the new record my songs developed their own magic, to me, they are documents of moments and feeling or things that’d I’d been a part of, or had witnessed. Sometimes I can struggle with my writing process, I have to be sincere to myself. You don’t feel represents being true to that ideal. Without a passion you don't feel. My songs were recorded and filmed live by Filippo Gaetani at Wilddog Studio. The production of the album took on a new phase. We introduced clever rhythmical aspects and electronic instruments, adding to my folk roots. Filippo was key in bringing these aspects to life, forming key parts where necessary and being absolute and true to the production. The idea was to get out of the box, creating new dimensions within these stories. It worked.