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Genre Wander: Gileah Taylor - Larry Weiss - The Legends

Gileah Taylor - Tears Of A Spirit. Background promo - “Tears of a Spirit”, Gileah Taylor’s new single from her upcoming album, hides hopefulness and expectancy just below its melancholy surface. Beautifully orchestrated, the song radiates a sense of innocence, reverie and weightlessness both melodiously and lyrically. Yet it also conveys passion and a certain heaviness of heart—it is pensive without being brooding, contemplative but not overly cautious. And while it could most certainly be a love song, “Tears of a Spirit”showcases Taylor’s poetic approach, making it more open to interpretation. The first single from her upcoming Songs For Late At Night Vol. 2, “Tears of a Spirit” is the perfect sneak peak to what will be an exquisitely tender and brilliant record. The city of Destin is located in the panhandle of the state of Florida, and it's best known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, spring breaks and warm weather. It's an odd location for the melancholy songstress G