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Groucho Marx - I Never Kissed An Ugly Woman

This is wonderful, a bootlegged vinyl album of Groucho Marx , predominately singing songs, as only this comedy legend could have (no apology for using the over used legend word, in this case) . As I understand it, the actual vinyl bootleg album is very rare, so if you have one keep hold of it! If you were a fan of The Marx Brothers , or indeed just Groucho, then this is a must have. If you just like nostalgia, or appreciate comedy old and new, then this is a must have. If you are just someone who must have, must haves then this is a... Source: I do not know the specifics, I am guessing mainly from CBS radio programmes. Sound Quality: Direct vinyl rip (1st generation), warm and old, with a few crackles, and so very, very listenable for fans, and interested parties a like (its stereo in places). Genre: Comedy and musical styles from a bygone era. Track list: Hooray For Captain Spaulding Just Wait To I Get Through With It I Want My Shirt Omaha, Nabraska The Countr