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Quality Not Quantity: Closer - Born Joy Dead - Oldermost

Modern Inventors - Closer ft. Daru Jones Background promo - Nashville-based Modern Inventors have released their track "Closer". Featuring drummer Daru Jones (Jack White), as well as bassist Owen Biddle (The Roots). "After a relationship ends, it's natural to feel guarded, and sometimes when you least expect it, you'll find yourself connecting with another person," the band said of the track. "Maybe it's on a subway, or passing each other on the sidewalk, but you remember the feeling; 'Closer' is a realization that you might be getting closer to allowing yourself to open up again.” Migrating from Philadelphia to Nashville a year ago, Josh Benus and Matt Kass have expanded on their backgrounds as formally-trained musicians with a sound that’s both unique and powerfully emotional. After several years of collaborating in a variety of projects, including a soundtrack for the HBO documentary First Comes Love, they solidified their partnership