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Grace Inspace - The Jerry Cans - Gaygirl

Grace Inspace returns with 'Off The Grid' a song that typifies her sharp thoughtful lyrics along with a sophisticated musical backdrop for her gorgeous vocals. === The Jerry Cans have released 'Swell (My Brother)' ahead of their fourth album and it's an expansive indie rocker with plenty of engaging hooks throughout. === Today South London band Gaygirl have released 'Killing It' a track that ebbs and flows with forceful energy as their mixture of Grunge rock and pop demands attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grace Inspace - Off The Grid. During the onset of the evolving covid-19 crisis, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Grace Inspace found herself fleeing a rental apartment in LA for the unpopulated safety of rural California. Sleeping in the back of a pick-up truck and bathing in the icy waters of the Smith River, she headed for her family homestead in the Six rivers region of t

Leem Of Earth - Vilma Flood - Hush Pup - Grace Inspace

Leem Of Earth return with another really fine song to share, we featured a track from their Chapter One release last October and with Chapter Two they continue to develop some intriguing and creative music. Vilma Flood's vocals are something special in their own right, add in some superb song writing and refined musicianship, and we arrive with something unique and beautiful. Hush Pup tell their story for the new song 'The Hours' a gorgeously melodic and dreamy track crammed with hooks. It's back to July last year for our first Grace Inspace feature, and the new song was worth the wait after the debut E.P, as we are treated to some fabulous protest pop that is both clever and very catchy. Leem Of Earth - Only So Many Ways. On Chapter Two, Florida band Leem of Earth continue the musical expedition they began on Chapter One (which was released in Oct.). This three song release expands on the sound and the story. The sound is a nod to the vibe of the best nineties b

Grace Inspace - The Brother Brothers - Value Void

Grace Inspace - Uncertain, CA. Background - English-American musician Grace Inspace has announced new single Uncertain, CA, which follows recent releases Watersource and Tame Teens, and is out now through AWAL. Continuing her unique “Protest Pop” sound, Uncertain, CA is as fictional as it is true to life and addresses the uncertainty of living in America. Produced by David Peters and featuring Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, Grace takes things down a notch on Uncertain, CA, letting her vocals do the talking with a relaxed melody mixed with gentle steel drums. Grace says; “Uncertain, CA - it’s a make-believe town, a microcosm of the state. I’m wandering through the town, the classic western stranger, the outsider, witness to this place’s constituencies and landscapes and seeing it is a land of topographical and cultural extremes - politically divided, deserted, overcrowded, majestically beautiful, scary, Paleolithic, ultra-modern. In California we are comfortable with the