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Sisyphes - Josh Kumra - Malena Zavala

Sisyphes just shared 'Samsāra' and the Margate (England) band are impressive with this expansive, melodic and dreamy mixture of Shoegaze and pop sensibilities. === Another song released yesterday comes from Josh Kumra and it's entitled 'Pull Me Back In'. The singer songwriter has fabulously distinct vocals on what is a beautiful modern folk song. === We've already had the pleasure of featuring three tracks form her forthcoming album 'La Yarará' and now Malena Zavala has released another 'Memories Gone' and it's as gorgeous as the others, the album is out on April 17th, personally I can't wait. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sisyphes - Samsāra. Based in Margate, Avantpop shoegazers Sisyphes are made up of former La Houle guitarist and songwriter Geoffrey Papin, Clémentine Blue (Tiger Lion), John Davies (Michael A Grammar, Traams) and Jimi Tormey (Gang). Taking their cues

Kalbells - The Hempolics - Malena Zavala - Jenny Banai

Kalbells has released 'Cool and Bendable' today along with a video, the song starts out gently enough but builds with wonderful intensity and passion. === We featured The Hempolics a couple of times last December and now we have the new video for 'Bongadasi' which is a potent mixture of reggae and funk. === We began February with a song from Malena Zavala and just four weeks later we have 'La Yarará' a vibrant mixture of Latin influences and Reggaeton. === Jenny Banai has shared a new song entitled 'Couch Walker' and it's a melodic and rich modern pop ballad with plenty of class. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kalbells - Cool and Bendable. Today, Kalbells (the project led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kalmia Traver) announced Mothertime, a four track EP she co-produced with Jeremy Malvin (aka Chrome Sparks). The cathartic lead single and accompanying music video for “Cool

Barb Carbon - Nicolas Godin - Lilly Hiatt - The Modern Society - Malena Zavala

Barb Carbon shares 'Patience' a fresh sounding indie rock meets roots rock kind of song with plenty of hooks throughout. === Accompanied by a video filmed around the Palace of Versailles Nicolas Godin has just shared 'Catch Yourself Falling' featuring Alexis Taylor, a relaxing, melodic and smooth song. === Less than a month since her first appearance here Lilly Hiatt returns with another new song entitled 'P Town' a powerful and passionately delivered country rocker. === The Modern Society debut single 'Bad Thoughts' is an impressive affair, the young band packing passion and determination both musically and visually. === Malena Zavala returns to Beehive Candy for a third time with 'I'm Leaving Home' a beautiful song with the mixture of Anglo and Latin influences ensuring originality and subtle splendour once again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barb Carbon - Patience.

Marika Wittmar - True Moon feat. Christine Owman - Ttrruuces - Malena Zavala - Tuvaband

Marika Wittmar has just shared 'Underneath Your Hands'. The Swedish songwriter has surrounded herself with an impressive musical arrangement which contrast well with her distinct and powerful vocals. Swedish quartet True Moon feat. Christine Owman share 'Sisters In Arms' a fast paced post punk song with just a hint of Gothic vibes and hooks galore. Ttrruuces debut track in entitled 'Sad Girl'. Accompanied by an animated video, the song opens as a gently melodic piece. Gorgeously arranged with fabulous harmonies and rich textures of musical sound, it builds into something quite epic. Malena Zavala latest release is 'En La Noche' a song that somehow manages to capture the vibrancy of Latin American music and mix it with psych pop/rock! This is something rather special. Just over a month ago we featured Tuvaband for the first time and now we have another fine song entitled 'He Said Me Too'. The vocals are incredible and exude emotion and

The Loons - Malena Zavala - Tenderfoot

The Loons - Blue Ether / Saturday's Son. Background - In this click bait, flavor of the month, short attention span world, The Loons are an anomaly. Their records and live performances have commanded the attention of a devoted tribe of fans for twenty years and counting. In that time they’ve made four albums, a bunch of singles, and played gigs in more cities around the world than they can keep count of. They’ve collaborated with original ‘60s music icons like Glenn Ross Campbell of the Misunderstood, Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things, Randy Holden of the Sons of Adam and Blue Cheer, and Michael Stuart-Ware of Love. The Loons have grown and evolved but never compromised, remaining fiercely committed to the untamed spirit and creativity of ‘60s garage, freakbeat and psychedelia. After fifteen years with the same lineup, they have a musical chemistry that is practically telepathic. Mike Stax, who also publishes Ugly Things magazine, is the lead singer.  Anja Stax plays bass and sin