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HANYA - Ani Glass - Humanoids - The Chris White Experience - Secret Treehouse - Walter Martin - Mechanimal

HANYA share 'I'll Do It Tomorrow' ahead of their forthcoming E.P and follows on from 'Dream Wife' which we featured last November, this time we have a fabulous dream pop song that raises expectation even further. === Ani Glass has just released 'Mirores' accompanied with a video, and it's a gorgeous song, her vocals are splendid and the track just brims with good vibes. === From Switzerland we have Humanoids and 'The shadow you make isn‘t yours', there first new material in five years, where a mixture of alt rock and electronic instrumentation combine into a rhythmic rocker. === We have the full album from The Chris White Experience called 'Volume Three', it unsurprisingly follows on from Volume 1 and 2, from somebody that rightly might be considered a musical legend. === To day Secret Treehouse released 'At Sunrise' and the Nordic indie pop band are in cracking form with this powerfully pleasing song. === Walter Martin return

Hanya - Phonettes - Ben Witkowski - Papyllon

Hanya have just released 'Dream Wife' ahead of their 'Sea Shoes' E.P due out early in 2020. The gently paced song has a dreamy melodic vibe, with a refined and crystal clear musical arrangement. === Phonettes (aka Daan Hofman) has shared 'Make Up Your Mind'. His vocals exude sensitivity and add so much to this tender and lovable song. === From Australia we have Ben Witkowski with 'Mountain Man' which is a powerful and rousing song, packed with emotion and fabulously arranged. === Finally today we have European indie pop band Papyllon with 'All The Time' a solid, swirling and catchy track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hanya - Dream Wife. Brighton’s indie talent pool shows no signs of drying up anytime soon if Hanya have any say in the matter. Emerging as the latest enticing from the city’s thriving music scene, the dreamy quartet share tender lead single Dream Wife, taken from f