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Juliper Sky - ackerman - Che-Val - Nikki and the Human Element - The Softone - Youth Sector - Hedara

Juliper Sky have just released 'Waves' which is described as a "dreamy shoegaze love song", it's all of that and it's beautiful. === From ackerman we have 'A Million Sunflowers' which is a creative and predominately instrumental piece that's absolutely striking. === Husband and Wife indie music group Che-Val share 'Dangerous' a hook filled alt pop song where emotive vocals and a superb musical backdrop impress! === From the album 'Elemental' Nikki and the Human Element have released 'Don't Mess Around With My Boy' which is a feisty alt rocker that calms for some melodic reprise moments before powering right up again. === 'Golden Youth' is the fourth album for The Softone from which we have the song 'Alone and Weird', a somewhat dreamy rocker that resonates emotion and feeling. === Brighton (England) art rockers Youth Sector new single 'Tonight' is perhaps less art and more high octane rock

Youth Sector - Mathilde Fernandez - Winona Oak - Junaco

Youth Sector have just released 'Renting Spaces In My World' a crisp post punk song where the vocals have plenty of eighties new wave influence, the music is rhythmic & vibrant and when you put it all together, the whole is hook fueled and potent. Mathilde Fernandez has just shared her latest single 'Chanteuse De Guerre' along with a suitably matched and impressive video, whether you understand the lyrics, or not, this is just to hard to resist. We have two versions of  'He Don't Love Me' the new 'Stripped' version, along with a live video piece. Winona Oak is of course the artist and both versions are gorgeous, intimate and full of feeling. Finally today we have Junaco and a song titled 'In Between' a gentle, tender and melodic piece where the vocals shine and the acoustic backdrop is just right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youth Sec