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Tuvaband - Natalie D Napoleon - Ellevator

Photo - Maria Louceiro Tuvaband - Rejuvenate. Oslo, Norway-based indie-rock artist Tuvaband is a critically-acclaimed artist with an impressive international profile that, to date, has earned 40 million cumulative streams on Spotify. Tuvaband is the wildly eclectic brainchild of fearless songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. Tuva previously earned a Norwegian Grammy nomination. Her song “Irreversible” was remixed by beloved dub icon Lee "Scratch" Perry. Tuva’s intrepid artistry has garnered favorable comparisons to Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, David Lynch, and CocoRosie. Her songwriting exudes an indie-pop mystique, easing through delicate, piano-led folk, softly-soaring post-rock, and carefully-crafted sound design. Floating over these carefully-composed songs and densely textured soundscapes are Tuva’s fluttery vocals which manage to be both visceral and vulnerable. Tuvaband’s latest album, New Orders, out October 21, 2022 —her fo

Calista Kazuko - Tokyo Tea Room - Tuvaband - Mimi Bay - Frederick the Younger - Multimagic

Calista Kazuko have just released their wonderfully creative song 'Benzo Belle'. We featured them just once before about a year ago, this latest track is a fine reminder of this talented artist. === Also returning for a second time here are Tokyo Tea Room with their new song 'Designer', the psych pop band teasing us with a fine song ahead of the 'Dream Room' E.P due out later this month. === Tuvaband just shared 'Ambiguous Flies'. It's our third opportunity to feature her tantalising music, which consistently leaves me wanting to hear more. === We are on a bit of a second appearance roll on Beehive Candy today as Mimi Bay shares the beautiful song 'Daydream' which is soft and not surprisingly dreamy. === In the case of Frederick the Younger it's appearance number six here with 'Back to the Wall' the retro pop band actually sounding fresh and very current with this delicious song. === Rounding off our bumper new music weekend we

Marika Wittmar - True Moon feat. Christine Owman - Ttrruuces - Malena Zavala - Tuvaband

Marika Wittmar has just shared 'Underneath Your Hands'. The Swedish songwriter has surrounded herself with an impressive musical arrangement which contrast well with her distinct and powerful vocals. Swedish quartet True Moon feat. Christine Owman share 'Sisters In Arms' a fast paced post punk song with just a hint of Gothic vibes and hooks galore. Ttrruuces debut track in entitled 'Sad Girl'. Accompanied by an animated video, the song opens as a gently melodic piece. Gorgeously arranged with fabulous harmonies and rich textures of musical sound, it builds into something quite epic. Malena Zavala latest release is 'En La Noche' a song that somehow manages to capture the vibrancy of Latin American music and mix it with psych pop/rock! This is something rather special. Just over a month ago we featured Tuvaband for the first time and now we have another fine song entitled 'He Said Me Too'. The vocals are incredible and exude emotion and

The Rightly So - Tuvaband - Ora The Molecule - Marinho

The Rightly So have just released 'Vandura' an album comprising of eleven songs where the duo explore a variety of folk and Americana styles. It's a refreshing collection of material, your never quite sure where the next track will take you, be assured this really is a refined and captivating collection of songs, a must for modern folk and all things Americana fans. From Tuvaband we have a new music video for 'I Entered The Void'. The song is highly creative and I would suggest quite mesmerising. The cinematic video complements the piece and Tuva Hellum Marschhäuseris is most definitely on our one to watch out for radar. Ora The Molecule have shared 'When Earth Took A Breath' accompanied by a fascinating video that works so well with this majestic alt pop song. If you fancy going for a night drive then Marinho has a music video for 'Freckles' that's also just for you. Actually it's well matched to the songs lyrics and her folk rock st