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Calexico - Denmark 2000

This is Calexico in concert at the Roskilde Festival held annually south of Roskilde in Denmark, with this concert taking place on the 1st July 2000. They were joined on stage part way through the set by touring companions Mariachi Luz de Luna . This show took place the evening after the tragic accident during the Pearl Jam set where nine fans were killed when the crowd surged. (Pearl Jam's song "Love Boat Captain" references the tragedy with the line "Lost nine friends we'll never know... two years ago today." When performed in concert, lead singer Eddie Vedder modifies the lyric to reflect the passage of time since the tragedy). One of Calexico's founder members Joey Burns remembered the occasion as follows - "Calexico and members of Mariachi Luz de Luna travelled roughly 1,000 kilometers the night before our performance at Roskilde in Denmark on July 1, 2000. I am sure we had been up nearly the whole night partying and watching movies on th