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Rosie Carney - Anna Krantz - Grace Gillespie

Rosie Carney version of Radiohead's classic 'The Bends' album is shaping up to be a very special collection as the new single 'Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was' clearly demonstrates. Her beautiful interpretation of the songs shared so far, has been quite stunning and we only have a couple of weeks until the full album is released. ===== Our third feature for Anna Krantz this year comes in the form of her new single 'The Trouble With Suzie' and her knack for creating melodic, addictive and catchy songs is once again clearly evident.  ===== Another artist who has been a regular here in 2020 is Grace Gillespie who has just released 'For Nick Drake'. This is a really fine lyrical homage to an artist who influenced so many others after his sadly short life, with Grace's creative skills notable again on this gentle folk piece. =================================================== Rosie Carney - Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was. Rosie Carney shares two final

Misty Coast - Anna Krantz - Loaver

Misty Coast have a new video for their wonderful song 'In a Million Years' where the familiar vocals of Linn Frøkedal once again shine against a rich musical backdrop. ==== Anna Krantz has shared 'Blessed Are The Free' along with a video, the song is fast flowing and melodic with hints of Americana. ==== Loaver returns to Beehive Candy with 'Apart' the final single to be taken from her October 30th, debut album 'Fern', and from we've heard so far promises to be a very creative and mixed genre collection. =================================================== Misty Coast - In a Million Years. Misty Coast have released a new video for ‘In A Million Years’ The video tells a sort of four-dimensional sci-fi story that takes place in a common apartment. We see three women interacting in the same spaces without crossing each other's path. Are they all different personalities of the same human being?  Like an intergalactic Kim Deal, vocalist Linn Frøkeda

Speaker Face - Anna Krantz - Carley Arrowood - Rachel Angel - 88/89

Speaker Face just released 'Work Friends' and it's a glorious concoction of instruments, electronics and musical styles . === Anna Krantz shares 'We Could Be High' where refined music, deep digging hooks and timeless ballad vibes naturally come together. === From Carley Arrowood we have some imaginative Americana, superb vocals and refined musicianship in the form of 'Goin' Home Comin' On'. === Rachel Angel has just released her new E.P titled 'Highway Songs'. It's a collection of five tracks, broadly described as country folk, the depth and beauty of this E.P cannot be over stated. === From London we have the duo 88/89 with 'Hit Me' a song that mixes classic synth pop and psychedelic trappings together, along with a mass of catchy moments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Speaker Face - Work Friends. Speaker Face is an award winning earthy electronic band t