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Rhonda - Laure Briard - Gal Musette

Rhonda - Modelo. With the release of “Modelo” on October 7th the Germany and Los Angeles based band Rhonda has not only announced their fourth studio album Forever Yours but also tour dates for early spring 2023. Forever Yours follows the critically acclaimed album You Could Be Home Now (2019) and will be released on February 17, 2023 via popup-records. Musically, the single ranges from soul, rock, pop to film music. The focus lies on an extremely catchy guitar hook and the bittersweet vocal melody of exceptional singer Milo – an instant Rhonda classic. The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have put the band to the test because of the distance between the musicians who live in Germany and in Los Angeles. However, necessity is the mother of invention: the forced break initiated an intense creative process among the band members. Due to lively exchanges via Zoom and sending back and forth sound files a new album was created. As an album and intimate snapshot, Forever Yours demonst