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Djustin - Lusid - Kate Nash - Twilight Fields

Djustin - New Preset. Background - Djustin "New Preset" - new single. Just two weeks after the release of Te Legends' Nightshift album, Sweden’s Johan Angergård returns alongside longtime American confidant, Rose Suau, to release Djustin's debut album, Voyagers on May 5. Voyagers is a glittering, sensual exploration into an unchartered and fully-electrified universe. It is a tale of "Future Love", where a newly-conscious, idealized romanticism is propelled by contagious dance beats, synth-driven melodies, and sweetly seductive vocals. The soundscape is sophisticated and visionary, yet the stories are intimate and relatable. "Voyagers" is a journey through a spectrum of emotional highs and lows: from the apex of adult infatuation and desire, to the darkest abyss  of disconnection and existentialism. Every detail from beat, hook, and lyrical lexicon is unveiled deftly. Clearly, Rose and Johan wouldn't surrender anything less.   Djustin'

Quality Not Quantity: Kate Nash - Topanga - Vorsen

Kate Nash - My Little Alien. Background - Multi-talented, award-winning artist, actress and activist Kate Nash has released a brand new track and official video titled “My Little Alien.” Shot in the Californian desert and staring her very own pet pooch Stella, “My Little Alien” is a loving tribute to her rescued “fur-baby” and as the holiday season approaches, comes with a friendly reminder to “adopt not shop” when it comes to rescuing a four legged friend. "My Little Alien" was written after a trip to Rachel, Nevada, where I saw a UFO for the first time.” Explains Nash. “I took my rescue pup on the trip and I realized she is my best friend and although I have never met an alien she is like my little alien in a way. When I rescued her from a man in a coffee shop who wanted 20 bucks to get off drugs, she saved me at a time when I needed it most. Sometimes it feels like we're both from another planet. This song is about loving the strange.” On the video, directed by Tyle

Monday Magic: Kate Nash - Gypsy & The Cat - The Rebel Light - James Edge And The Mindstep

Kate Nash - Good Summer. Background - Kate Nash has returned to Zone 5 and with her she brings the Summer's finest pop offering 'Good Summer', produced by Dave Bassett and out today via Kate's own imprint Girl Gang Records. ‘Good Summer’ is literally the light at the end of the tunnel, an expression of relief, the type we all feel when the sun comes out and the warmth radiates your skin after 10 months of grey sky, central heating and soggy feet. “I’ve been a referee of my emotions,” sings Nash, over upbeat synths, skittering drums and dance-y guitar lines.  It’s about her own return to contentedness in London. “In Britain, in the summer you let go of the stuff on your shoulders and go, F it, I’m gonna get on this banana boat. Go crazyyyyy!’”  A lot has happened to Nash, a BRIT school graduate, since the release of her #1 record and Brit-Award gleaning debut ‘Made Of Bricks’ back in 2007 - failed relationships, record label fall-outs, punk record releases, a relocat

Kate Nash - Berlin 2010

This is one of my favorite female artists of recent years, Kate Nash live in concert back in March of this year (18th March 2010) at the Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany. Kate Nash started her career in 2005. After several gigs, she uploaded her music to MySpace. She found a manager for herself before seeking producers for her music. Kate Nash's debut was a single, "Caroline's a Victim" / "Birds", produced and recorded in Iceland by Valgeir Sigurðsson and released through Moshi Moshi Records in February 2007. The release was limited to 1000 copies, and was available on only 7" vinyl. Due to demand another 1000 copies were made and sold out. CD-promo copies were produced for distribution to the press and DJs etc, and are occasionally available for sale. Her debut album 'Made Of Bricks' and this years follow up 'My Best Friend Is You' have established her as both an excellent songwriter and musician, and the tours have just added to th