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Johnny Cash - American Outtakes 1993.

Johnny Cash was approached in 1993 by producer Rick Rubin and offered a contract with Rubin's American Recordings label, better known for rap and heavy metal than for country music. Under Rick Rubin's supervision, Johnny Cash recorded the album 'American Recordings' in Rick's living room, accompanied only by his guitar. For years Cash was often at odds with his producers after he had discovered with his first producer, Sam Phillips, that his voice was better suited to a stripped down musical style. Most famously he disagreed with Jack Clement over his sound, Clement having tried to give Cash's songs a "twangy" feel and to add strings and barbershop-quartet-style singers. His successful collaboration with Rick Rubin was in part due to Rubin seeking a minimalist sound for his songs. A number of out-takes CD bootlegs have circulated, the following comprises a sizable amount of what has surfaced and importantly the 'copy' quality is very goo

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - Sessions 1969

This is hardly making it's Internet bootleg debut here, however the Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash sessions from 1969, remain elusive for many collectors, and I am happy to do my bit to help. The often asked question regarding these sessions is, why have they never been officially released ? The musically historical importance, audio quality, and perhaps the actual performances themselves, make that a reasonable question, however in all honesty forty years on, the 'cats out of the bag' if you get my drift? The contents of the sessions are detailed in track lists below, if you have just passing interest in either of these two artists, I would suggest that the recordings are well worth a listen. Source: Taken from an early generation silver CD. Sound Quality: Very good stereo soundboard, studio and auditorium. Genre: In all fairness Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash will suffice. Track List: BS studios, Nashville, TN , USA - February 17th -18th, 1969 . 01 Good Ol'

Johnny Cash - Live in Amsterdam 1972

By the early 1970s, Johnny Cash had established his public image as 'The Man in Black' . He regularly performed dressed all in black, wearing a long black knee-length coat. This outfit stood in contrast to the costumes worn by most of the major country acts in his day, that is rhinestone suit and cowboy boots . In 1971, Cash wrote the song 'Man in Black' to help explain his dress code, "We're doing mighty fine I do suppose/In our streak of lightning cars and fancy clothes/But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back/Up front there ought to be a man in black." He and his band had initially worn black shirts because that was the only matching color they had among their various outfits, and he claimed to like wearing black both on and off stage. From the 'Man in Black' era this is Johnny Cash live at The Nieuwe RAI, Amsterdam, Holland, on the 26th February 1972. Set list is: 1. I Walk the Line intro / A boy Named Sue. 2. Ramblin

Johnny Cash - New York - 1996

This is Johnny Cash live playing at the Irving Plaza, New York City, on the 07.09.1996. In 1996, Cash released a sequel to American Recordings (1994), entitled Unchained, and enlisted the accompaniment of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, which won a Grammy for Best Country Album. This live performance does justice to the exceptional studio work he produced around that time & thereafter. Sadly in 1997 the on set of serious illnesses, greatly reduced his live appearances. Set list: Folsom Prison Blues Get Rhythm Sunday Morning Coming Ghost Riders in the Sky Oh Bury Me Not Never Picked Cotton Rowboat (Beck) Rusty Cage (Soundgarden) Southern Accent (T.Petty) Memories... Ring of Fire Walk the Line I got Jesus in my Soul Big River I Still Miss Someone Orange Blossom Special Far Side Banks of Jordan This is a superb recording of the show (stereo soundboard). REPLACEMENT DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS BELOW OR CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE (4TH OCTOBER 2009). For a small selection of Johnny Cash