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Anna Rose - Flora Hibberd - Run Coyote

Anna Rose shares a live in the studio (and what a studio!) version of 'Nobody Knows I'm Here', which compares so well with the fully produced song. 'The Absentee' by Flora Hibberd is stunning, her beautifully distinctive vocals are full of emotion and the song is wonderfully dramatic. Run Coyote add a fresh dimension to the description "spaghetti western" however 'The Chase' more than fits the bill, and some!  Anna Rose - Nobody Knows I'm Here. Critically acclaimed artist Anna Rose reveals the first video from her upcoming docu-series highlighting the music, writing process and overall behind the scenes feel from her forthcoming project. The highly anticipated album, which was written and recorded in Nashville, is due out later this year. As a touring artist, Rose has always been a bit of a nomad, believing that home is where the heart is. For this record, home was in Nashville. “Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found m