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The Hengles - Astrid Cordes - Mines Falls - Charlie Nieland

The Hengles make their fourth appearance here with the new single 'Fire In The Rain' and once again the Amsterdam trio serve up some refined and catchy indie rock. === Astrid Cordes shares her brand new song 'Portrait', the Danish artist moving from sweet indie pop to a more contemporary and imaginative style. === Mines Falls have released 'Red Moon Car Wreck' a track that sees the duo deliver some intricate, personal and beautiful music. === Charlie Nieland is no stranger to Beehive Candy having appeared here as one half of Lusterlit, his track record in the music business is also rather impressive. His new song 'Pawns' is imaginative, the lyrics splendid and as a whole it's pretty hypnotic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Hengles - Fire In The Rain. The distinguished gentlemen of The Hengles have more than earned their musical spurs in the past. The guys from Amsterdam p