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Caroline Blind - Matthew Pinder (feat. Sara Davis Regan)

Caroline Blind has released her debut solo album entitled 'The Spell Between', along with a video for 'First'. This is a really fine album packed with variety from post punk through to more acoustic and reflective songs, with a dark folk connection keeping the albums overall style together. === Matthew Pinder shares 'Blue' featuring Sara Davis Regan, it's a gently paced song where the dual vocals are closely entwined and the atmospheric feel is soothing and blissful.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Caroline Blind - The Spell Between (Album). During these very turbulent times for the world and the music scene, Caroline Blind shares her debut solo album. The Spell Between is a gothic love letter to some of the songs that inspired Caroline throughout her career, combining covers, reworked Sunshine Blind tracks, and original new material. The record features collaborations by Rich W. of the Wake