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Caretaker - Little Mammoths - Jim Lauderdale - People Like You - MAP

Caretaker - Swallow. Background - Caretaker are a rock band from Brooklyn that formed from the ashes of several other popular Brooklyn bands. They deliver high-energy rock songs that make you want to dance just as much as they make you want to punch a hole in your wall.  Long after you’ve left the venue, their melodies will get stuck in your head and their memory will be burned in your mind. They are fronted by a real-life nanny. Members: Erin Pellnat, Eva Lawitts, Alex Pulakos, Damian Sim, and Chris Krasnow. “Swallow” is a song about being trapped in a relationship (or any situation, really) where someone is successful in convincing you that you are constantly wrong. This gets to the point where you believe everything they say, gladly taking punishment and abuse from them and wrongfully accepting that you deserve it. So you just cut ties and set yourself free. Website here , Facebook here . There is a vibrant pace and feel to 'Swallow,' where feisty vocals compete with